Steve McNair’s Wife PHOTO – Here’s Steve McNair’s Wife Photo, Picture, Pics Below…

Steve McNair’s Wife PHOTO – Here’s Steve McNair’s Wife Photo, Picture, Pics Below…

Steve McNair's Wife Photo. Steve McNair's Wife Picture, Photo Steve McNair's wife
People are searching all over for Steve McNair’s wife photo because you know we all just want to see if she’s African-American. And yes, now that Steve McNair’s wife photo has been made public courtesy of the NY Daily News, we can all see that Mechelle McNair is black.

Sadly, Steve McNair’s wife was unaware, in both that wedding photo from years ago — and apparently recently — that her husband would have an affair with Sahel Kazemi that would lead to his tragic death in what may have been a murder-suicide situation.

Other Photos of Steve McNair’s Wife

Here are more photos of Steve McNair’s wife, Mechelle (often misspelled Michelle) McNair courtesy of the Post Chronicle.

According to the Post Chronicle, this is a small photo of Steve McNair’s wife Mechelle McNair, but other pics of what people think are Mechelle McNair are not her.

Thanks to TMZ, we see Steve McNair boldly vacationing with Sahel Kazemi on vacation:

This whole situation is so sad for all of them. Families and loved ones of the couple that has died, and Steve McNair’s wife and their kids. My God.

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54 thoughts on “Steve McNair’s Wife PHOTO – Here’s Steve McNair’s Wife Photo, Picture, Pics Below…”

  1. I feel so bad for the children and his wife. I also want to say that I listened to his retirement speech and said it was time for his wife and children now that he is retired so why did he have an apt in another state yes his restauraunt he needed that more than the family? Come on she new something this was her time now HELLO

  2. I am scared of all the hatred in these letters. I don’t know where all this anger toward people you will never know even comes from. Some of you should be ashamed of your comments-they were horrible.

  3. Steve may have made smart decisions on the football field,but it was a bone-head dumb-ass decision off the field that cost him his life.That ugly,immature slut was enjoying the sex and alcohol thinking all the time that “Big Steve” was gonna be the answer to all of her financial problems.When she realized that McNair was only in it for the pussy,reality sat in and she killed him and then herself to avoid spending the rest of her life in jail.C’mon Steve,she was an absolute bitch dog and you got what you deserved.That pussy wasn’t worth it,now was it?

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