Sketchers Shape Ups – Here’s Skechers Shape Up Shoes for Women, Men, Reviews, Price, Where to Buy Sketchers Shape-Up Shoes and More…

Skechers Shape Up Shoes Getting Good Reviews
Skechers Shape Up Shoes Getting Good Reviews

★★★ Sketchers Shape Ups – Here’s Skechers Shape Up Shoes for Women, Men, Reviews, Price, Where to Buy Sketchers Shape-Up Shoes and More…

I’m watching Wheel of Fortune, and that’s where I saw an ad for Skechers Women’s Shape Ups – Sleek Fit Fitness Mary Jane Sneaker for the first time ever.

I’ve heard of shape-up shoes before, like the Fit Flops and MBT Shape Up shoes, but I didn’t know a company as popular as Sketchers made any get-in-shape exercise shoes till I just saw the commercial showing a woman walking in comfort.

Do the Sketchers Shape-Up Shoes Really Work? I Guess if You Work Them, They Do…But Here are Customer Reviews

…of the Sketchers’ shape up shoes to read for yourself here, with people who’ve actually bought the Sketchers Shape Up shoes saying they like them better than MBT, mostly. They are about 11 reviews as of this writing, so we’ll see if the positive reviews of the Skechers shape-up exercise shoes for women grow.

★★★ The Sketchers Shape-Up for Men Shoes Also Generating a Lot of Interest…

Skechers Shape Up Shoes for Men Also Gaining Interest from Health-Aware Males...
Skechers Shape Up Shoes for Men Also Gaining Interest from Health-Aware Males...
I see searches coming in for the Sketcher’s shape up shoes for men, too — after all, men like getting in shape — so I hunted down these Skechers Men’s Shape Ups Lace Up, priced at $110 right now on Amazon.

Those Sketchers shape ups for men running? walking shoes — I guess you can run in them, huh? — have no customer reviews yet, but hopefully they are as well-liked as the ones for women.

I’m really wanting a pair of these shoes to walk around in. I haven’t been to the gym in maybe two weeks, and I’d like to get a pair of these for the fall and winter to just walk around in and get my thighs in better shape without really thinking about it.

People Love the Sketchers Shape-Up Shoes Price of Around $99 and Up Mostly…

…which is cheaper than the MBT or other shoes.

So we’ll see how the sales go.

In the meantime, a whole lot of people are searching for all things Sketchers and Skechers Shape Up shoes each day:
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125 thoughts on “Sketchers Shape Ups – Here’s Skechers Shape Up Shoes for Women, Men, Reviews, Price, Where to Buy Sketchers Shape-Up Shoes and More…”

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  2. I had to post this to let others know that these shoes are dangerous to your health.
    I loved them, had 3 pairs, wore them most of the time for more than a year.
    Then I “noticed” that I was having shooting pains in my feet, especially in the heels, but also along the sides of my feet.
    It is extremely painful, and it took me several months to figure out why my feet were “mysteriously” hurting so much.
    It finally dawned on me that it was the shoes! They put your feet in an unnatural position, and if worn too long will throw off your body’s equilibrium.

    I have given away all pairs I owned and am only wearing flat shoes to try to let my feet heal, but at this point I don’t know how long that will take and if I will eventually need medical treatment.

    So beware! If you do wear these shoes, only wear them for a few hours at a time, and give your feet a break often.
    As for me, although I loved the feel of them, they are not worth what I am going through now.
    R Miller

  3. i always wear sketchers shape up sneakers and when the summer came i bought 3 pairs of sketcher sandles two of the sandles are exactly alike except one is black and one is white the very first day i wore the black ones i got blisters on the top of my foot the same thing happened with the white ones i have to wear bandaids on my foot where the straps go so that it doesnt cut open the top of my foot i dont know what to do or who to call

  4. I wore a rocker style sandal all last summer(except for work). They were so comfortable. Reading all of this I am wondering if they contributed to my SEVERE foot pain. I have had to have surgery and I am still not better. It has been going on since November 2010. I wish all of those people in pain health and wellness. Try to stay positive. I know it is hard.

  5. I’ve been wearing shape-ups for over a year and now realize although they are comfortable, i am becoming less mobile and in much pain in hips, feet and extreme weakness in my thighs. Wondering if shapeups have caused this. Thinking I should trash the shoes…like NOW!!!! Ship Out, Shape-ups.

  6. I bought these shoes and LOVED them at first. Then my lower legs starting hurting but I assumed it was because the shoes were helping me strengthen them. I got past that. I never had any back pain and only minor/mediate leg pain, although my right foot hurt quite a lot on the inside arch, directly below the big toe. It is really swollen there and it’s been like that for over a week now. I won’t wear these shoes again! I had some pain in the feet shortly after buying them but thought that I would just work through it. Not happening! I am now on the verge of scheduling with a podiatrist to see how to correct this foot problem.

  7. Have had previous back problems and have had foot pain also in the past so I buy the shape ups about 1 and a half years ago. Loved the cushion, loved the feel of them, had no trouble walking, standing and even short runs. However, like others who have previously posted, after having mine for a year or so my hips started hurting and the cushion of my foot pad on the bottom of foot near the big toe started hurting also. I also thought that I must be needing a new pair and went and purchased another pair. The shoes are deceptively comfortable and cushiony, especially when you’re dealing with so much rubber and soft rubber! So I get the new ones and still feel the pain, but continue to just think it’s that I am on my feet all day, I’m getting older, yada yada. I went from my hips being ok in xrays to my hips having calcifications on the iliac crest to the calcification of the groin area of the hips as well as really terrible foot pain that was only noticeable at the end of the day after I would take the shoes off and walk flat for a while. Someone was talking about the cd in the box with the shoes, no I did not watch it either. I had great comfort at first and nice legs and wasn’t looking for the extreme way to shape up, just looking for comfort and that was apparent as soon as I put them on, so NO I did NOT watch the cd. Too bad it wasn’t more clearly advertised that you should watch it before buying the shoes! If I had known that you are only supposed to wear for an hour at the most, I never would have bought them!! There should be, at the minimum a strict warning that the shoes can and will cause damage if used for more than an hour for working out!! I don’t know how great a lawsuit would be at this point, they have lowered the price of the shoes and are moving them quickly because of that lowered price, so I think that they are aware of the issues with the shoes and are about to get out while they can. And yes I too am having hip surgery due to the fact that I am almost unable to continue to work or enjoy anything. I will be havI ing the calcifications shaved off and the bursa sack removed from one hip and if that doesn’t help me walk and live better then I will be doing the other hip as well. I have yet to see a podiatrist, but it is my best guess that I have calcification of the the bottoms of my feet as well. My heart goes out to everyone who is now putting there foot into one of these shoes, because nobody is going to tell them that these shoes are going to hurt them in a year, or six months, and they aren’t going to watch that cd either. I have stopped wearing the shoes now and have tried to get shoes that feel as good and support my arch as well, but have had no luck finding anything that makes my feet feel half way normal now. Please take note and please consider all that you are reading. I am smart and I have common sense, and yet I did not think that the shoes were the issue until I started thinking about what was different in my life that over a years span could cause such major issues that require multiple appointments with a doctor and now a surgeon. STEP AWAY FROM STEP UPS! I URGE YOU, THE CONSUMER TO DO WHAT I DID NOT DO, INVESTIGATE AND RESEARCH AND LISTEN TO OTHERS WHO HAVE WORN THEM.

  8. To all of you who praise these shoes, I wish you the best. I did for a long time. I wore my first pair for a year plus. The backs of my knees started hurting so, I thought, maybe it’s time for a new pair. So, I bought a new pair. About 6 months after, with no relief as of yet, I started to feel as if my leg was going to collapse under me. I was a fall risk. So, I went to my PCP. She sent me to an Orthopedic dr. who did an MRI. Guess what he found? Yep, stress fractures in my knee. I talked to him about the shoes and how a lot of people at work wear them everyday all day.
    Someone asked me if I had watched the video in the box the shoes came in. Of course I hadn’t. I felt as though just walking around with them was exercise enough, why do I need to watch the video that just gives you exercises to do with them on? Anyway, my friend told me it also tell you in the video that you shouldn’t wear them more that an hour or so a day WHILE you are exercising. I never bought a pair of tennis shoes that came with instructions, Plus the way they are advertised, they want you to wear them ALL day every day, so I did. Long story short, My legs are toned, but my knee is broken and I am looking at spending the next 4 months on a wheelchair. I agree, there SHOULD be a suit of some kind. For all you hard headed people out there, take them off your feet NOW.

  9. These Shape-Ups are terrible.Ibought two pair thinkimg they were cool. Awhite pair & a black pair. I ended up with tendenitis in my shins in both legs. I went to physical therapy & finally to a Poditrist.He sent me to a shoe store to get shoes with a metatarsil arch supports. I’m better but I still have some leg pain. There should be a class action lawsuit enacted!!

  10. What’s the matter with you guys?! If your not used to working muscle then yea! Your going to hurt!!! I bought my sketcher shape up toners three wks ago and there the only shoe I wear. I was hurting like he’ll the nxt day as if I worked out and did weights. But I’m out of shape.. So I need a lil help a d these are the most comfy shoe but I’ll admit the next day or two I wanted to take them back or throw them away that is how sore I was BUT my husband is a body builder and insisted the pain is only from not being active then walking two miles a day in these are what’s causing it and it’d go away when I got use to it. They work in my opinion. Today my buttox was sore and it’s suppose to be. You’re working your muscles. Did u guys watch the DVD the shoes came with? I haven’t but it said it explains how the shoe works and stuff… We all have our own opinions bur I LOVE THEM and love knowing I’m getting a workout!


  12. Sweet. Glad to hear a positive customer review of the Shape Ups.

    Maybe it’s something about the rolling motion that people have to get adjusted to — it’s a change in the way we walk.

    I’ve haven’t worn my Mary Jane Shape Ups in a while, but I did wear my Shape Ups sandals when my friend treated me to a pedi the other day for my birthday.

  13. Okay, I just had to update my earlier review. Yes, I had severe back pain for 2 or 3 days after my first week of wearing the Shape-ups. I nearly tossed them in the garbage but something made me stick with it. I kept on wearing and miraculously the pain went away after that and I never felt better! I “practiced” with them for a month to break them in before a 3 week trip to Europe. I have to say I was so much more comfortable walking on all the cobblestones, marble, and pavement than my bf who wore LL Bean dockers and had sore feet and calves. I had no blisters, my legs felt great, and the cushioning made it a lot easier to take the stones we walked on all over Venice, Florence, and Amsterdam. I am now sold on Shape-ups.

  14. W A R N I N G – DO NOT wear Shape Ups when you drive. Because of the UPWARD SHAPE OF THE TOE on these shoes, my foot has slipped off the brake pedal (clear to the floor) enough times, and enough close calls of hitting something, I stopped wearing them when I drive. Went back to the store where purchased and found out two or three other people had complained about the exact same problem. They are great for walking on even surfaces, but that’s it. NEVER, NEVER drive with them. You could endanger your life or someone else’s by not getting back on the brake pedal in time.

  15. Unfortunately, by the time one feels pain from these shoes, it is already too late, the damage is done!!! These shoes are deceptively comfortable, it’s not like anybody felt pain and continued to wear the shoes to torture themselves…PLEASE! For the unsympathetic and judgemental posts about people who are in pain or who have been injured: SHAME ON YOU, I will pray for you! To hear people are suffering, then pass uninformed judgement….I have to ask, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU??!!! Be glad you haven’t been hurt from these shoes (yet)!

  16. Just got mine and will be wearing them all day…reading these posts is hysterical I really think these unfavorable posts are a joke. I haven’t bought a pair of sneakers in years….I’ll be back with details.

  17. OMG. I’m freakin’ out, now. I am in constant pain. Started with pain inside my thigh’s, just thought the shoes were working. Mine are “Curves” brand from Avon. Now my hip’s hurt and my back is killing me. It even hurt’s to touch my back or hip’s. Like maybe nerve damage. Going to Doc. Mad as Hell.

  18. I am on my third pair of Shape Ups. After wearing my first pair for a week my lower back pain was gone, no more nerves shooting up and down my legs, and my feet no longer ached after a days work. These obviously worked for me, but if they cause you pain, make your back or feet sore, etc., don’t wear them! COMMON SENSE FOLKS!!!. I have read posts where ladies have worn them and they now have back problems they didn’t before! Listen to your bodies people! I love the gal that walked a three mile race on her second time wearing the shoes and was upset because everything was hurting! Nobody with common sense wears a new pair of fn shoes forn a race or marathon…you need to break them in! God bless America and all the idiots that occupy it!

  19. forgot to add a comment – I’m not into frivolous lawsuits or class-action, BUT these shoes need to be pulled from the market!

  20. I also bought the shoes for comfort because of bottom-of-foot pain. they are super comfortable. However, while I have had no problems in my life with back pain, I now have constant back and hip pain, pain while sleeping and difficulty getting up from a sitting position. Perhaps the lawyet listed above can file a class-action lawsuit for all of us who seem to be suffering from the same problems. i would certainly seek compensation if I have to have medical intervention. In the meantime, its probably best to dump the comfy shoes!

  21. I too developed hip pain from wearing shape-ups. My MRI revealed I had stress fractured BOTH fermoal necks & had immediate surgery to put 6 huge screws in my bones. I filed a lawsuit and appeared on Good Morning America to discuss my shape-up related injuries. Anybody else suffering who would like a great lawyer can contact mine. His name is Ron Johnson, his email is:

  22. I will make this short.. I was told to buy these shows “shape ups” by a friend because they made his lowerback feel great and are comfortable.. Well Ibought them and wore them for 2 weeks and started to feel back pain(lumbar).. I decided not to wear them anymore.. After 1 months of presistant pain I decided to get a MRI which shows i know have 3 herniated DISC L3-S1.. Okay I do have a hard time imaging these shows causing this, BUT I HAVE NEVER HAD THIS ISSUE BEFORE.. These shoes eight caused it or push myelf to the edge.. i do not know what i am gonna do!

    dax0007 at hotmail

  23. I have had my shape ups for about 6 months and in the last month I have had so much pain in my feet and my back..I have a hard time walking because of the pain..DON’T BUY THESE..Not only a waste of money but you will suffer..I have owned many skechers shoes I will never buy a pair again..Very upset!!!!

  24. I had wanted to get Skechers Shapeups for a long time after hearing about the weight loss, posture improvement, comfort etc. So I went to Rack Room Shoes where they were priced $79.99 and second pair at half off that. I bought two pairs never dreaming they’d be a problem since they feel so comfy –like walking on pillows–and I need a good walking shoe as I am going to spend a month in Europe in February. Well, it’s my 3rd day of breaking them in (half hour per day). I had them off yesterday and was in flat Keds and playing ping pong as I do every day. I immediately felt lower back lumbar pain and thought I had twisted myself and pulled a muscle or something. Today I am having a hard time getting up and down stairs and out of a chair without pain. Lower back feels “frozen” above my buttocks. I decided to Google and found this site. I’m going to try to wear them awhile longer to see if the pain goes away as my posture improves.

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