scam promises writers big bucks, but takes $47 monthly and pays $18 lead to folks who give them people thru

I just found another scam. I was surfing around on, trying to find some good and honest companies to promote when I noticed this new website called “” paying 18 bucks a pop to affiliates per lead.

I wondered why and how a site could afford to pay so much, so I visited their link at and found out the scam.

They promise all these crazy promises that are lies in the below photo, and when you click on their small terms and conditions link, you see their scam, taking $47 per month from people.

Needless to say, I have no relation to these people — except to warn other writers of the scam.

Upon registering as a member of the Service, you will receive a user name and password. You are responsible for keeping your user name and password confidential and are fully responsible for all activity occurring under the use of your user name. You agree to notify REALWRITINGJOBS.COM immediately if there is an unauthorized use of your user name or password.

Membership requires a 10 DAY $2.95 risk free trial. During this time, you have the opportunity to cancel your membership with REALWRITINGJOBS.COM to avoid the continuation of service and the monthly fee of $47. You will be billed the $47 on the (11th) day after you sign up, and thereafter every (30) days. PLEASE NOTE: If you joined prior to March 10th, your membership was a 7 day trial.

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3 thoughts on “ scam promises writers big bucks, but takes $47 monthly and pays $18 lead to folks who give them people thru”

  1. In my experience as a freelance writer, I never paid a single centavo just to get an online job. Not one peso or dollar. All that I needed to find was a person who was willing to pay for content. That’s it.

    Charging monthly for connecting a writer to a publisher is INSANE! It just pisses me off. Really.

  2. i am fully agree that is SCAM. Their advertising was like an angel to help anybody chasing job online. seem they will provide job and pay with their money but the fact was applicant have to work and pay them with applicant’s money.
    Be rational. Real professional recruiter or employer did not do like that. Terminology of ” hiring job online” is true lies. They are honest if use terminology “selling software to support data entry jobs”

  3. You never really worked with them, so how are you sure they are not delivering the promise they make? And according to their terms and conditions, you can always withdraw after the trial if you don’t like what you see.

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