News 9 Courier Scam Pitching ‘Home Based Business’ Kelly Richards SCAM steals $39.95 per month but says it only cost $9.99

News 9 Courier Scam Pitching ‘Home Based Business’ Kelly Richards SCAM steals $39.95 per month but says it only cost $9.99

So here’s my problem with legit articles lke this one I just saw on the front page of Yahoo called Top Work at Home Job, which lists legit jobs you can do from home. I’m all for that because I’m an at-home writer, web designer, webmaster, affiliate marketer and all of the above.

There are legit ways to make money online. See my blog at over on blogger to see how I’ve made around $44k each year for the past couple of years online.

Anyway, on that Yahoo page, there’s one of those scam ads for “News 9 Courier” claiming “Kelly Richards” of my hometown (they use IP script to figure out where we live to make it seem all personal) makes thousands per month with some fake “Home Business” kit they say is only 9 bucks or so, but in the fine print of the page on HBB that they lead you to, you can see from their terms and conditions that it’s actually $39 or more.

Why do so many legit sites accept these ads? I know it’s the ad marketplace, but surely they’ve gotta know how they’re making money off lies.

I’ve blocked these get rich quick scheme ads from showing on my Google Adsense-run ads across my personal websites — but sites I write for still run a lot of the Pulse 360 scam ads.

Anyway, check out the hidden terms and conditions below. This is making me want to create a giant website showing people legit ways to make money online — it takes hard work and a lot of favor from God, not this get rich quick crap and lies:

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of 14 day FREE viewing period.

Please understand we have attempted to remove all the risk for you. Our intention is for you to view the information in its entirety, speak with your personal business coach, and decide if this business is for you. Should you decide this is not something you were looking for, simply return the materials according to the terms below and you will not be charged. .

You will be billed a one-time charge of $9.95 USD for FedEx Next Day delivery at the time of shipping.

The 14 day free trial period will begin on the shipping date(all packages will be shipped FedEx Next Day service) and will end 14 days later. If you decide to return the Home Business Training Package, it must be in its original condition and postmarked no later than 14 days after the original date of shipping. The original date of shipping will be noted on your package when you receive it. Due to the cost of production of these valuable materials, if the package is not returned within these guidelines you are agreeing to being billed a one-time charge of $39.95 USD.

Thanks once again and we look forward to working with you!

News9 courier scam claims Kelly Richards makes money online
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24 thoughts on “News 9 Courier Scam Pitching ‘Home Based Business’ Kelly Richards SCAM steals $39.95 per month but says it only cost $9.99”

  1. Of course a little research will tell 99% of the interested population that most of these offers are SCAMS. The site knows this and really doesnt care. They are more interested in the 1% that doesnt bother to do the research. By the way “Kelly Richards” also lives in Marion, Indiana! This Biotch really gets around! Do yourself a favor and research EVERYTHING offered on the net before placing any card number in somebody elses hands.

  2. Truly a scam. The “comments” on these pages never change–just the dates of the posting. They also have these “deadline” dates which are always different every time you visit the page(s) the next day. They say “as seen on CNN, USA Today…” etc., yet in their terms and conditions, they say otherwise. And you’re totally correct about this “Kelly Richards”: it’s the same girl who’s ubiquitous in different cities around the country, lol. Wish I could do that, be at different cities all at the same time.

  3. My ad says here name is Michelle, and lo and behold she lives in my tiny little town. When I check, she is NOT in the local phone book.
    My momma told me if it sems too good to be true… probably is!

  4. Kelly is now from Lawrenceville, GA – near me AND the cost has gone up to $67 or $69 per month but the SPECIAL is ONLY $2.97 per day for the first 7 days.

  5. I don’t know why those three words got underlined but don’t click on it…I have no idea what that is and I do not support it I don’t believe in that quick money scam at home

  6. they seriously thought no one would use their computers to do some research before falling for that crap?!! lol well that’s my home based business for tonight and I’m happy I did my research for free!!!!

  7. I have 110% proof this is a scam!their live agent cannot even answer a question!all they do is tell you to pay the 9,95$, there’s nothing to lose, they can’t even say what it’s about…if you can’t tell me what it’s about,you’re really hiding something!plus they have to valid your comment before putting it on their page…just to have exactly the nice little comments only.

  8. notice that they say at the end that the comment section is either closed or not available at this time. Why do you think that is?

  9. well this is great…I just filled this crap out i’m changing my card now..thank god i have a new one..In my ad her name isn’t kelly anymore

  10. This woman was listed as Peoria, Arizona when I saw the ad. There must be a programing within the online ad which snags onto a city/town where the reader’s internet server is located.

  11. My comment is for funny. You wondered if the comments section was bogus? One thing caught my eye.Read it again Two comments, one from Mike and one from Mark,EXACT SAME WORDING!!!!

  12. Ms. Kelly Williams sure does get around when I clicked on it she was from Lagrange Illinois. Lol. I wonder if their comments section is bogus as well?

  13. I placed an order for this and now want to cancel, no website or email to cancel….interesting. Any help??? I have already called my credit card company and told them to not accept charges.

  14. Its funny because when I first saw this ad, Kelly Richards, is from my home town of Pinellas Park, Fl. This one says Akron, OH. But the check thats supposed to be made out to her on the website says Ca. What a load of CROC!!! Glad i did some research before throwing my money down the drain.

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