New SCAM for Congratulations Walmart Visitor gives survey expiration time

Just like the previous Walmart scam pop up ads that I’ve covered, I see this new one trending today, saying that the survey will expire if you don’t complete it:

Congratulations Walmart Visitor

Hello visitor, you have been selected to participate in an anonymous WALMART Survey. For a limited time only, we are offering selected participants from a $250 WALMART Gift Card for participating in our survey. The survey will take less than 60 seconds: | *** You have 0.00 seconds to complete this survey before it expires. *** | © 2011 All Rights Reserved. | “I was just doing some online shopping and randomly I got a popup saying that I won.

It’s all a scam, so don’t even click their links.

Some say it’s a virus — others think it may be phishing attempts to gain identity info. Either way, stay away. Please.

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