Model persecuted

Lauren Scruggs, the model injured by plane propellers
Lauren Scruggs, the model injured by plane propellers
I love it when I can remember my dreams — or the words God gives me from heaven upon waking, or even during visions I have all over the place, be it the steam room or at church or in my bathtub or wherever.

So much so that I started a Prophetic Dream Journal, where I write out some of my dreams and upload sketches of visions — but mostly I scribble them around in my “Seeking Him” study book or in private Word documents when I can.

Model Persecuted

That’s the exact title I saw in my dream last night. I know for sure it was “model” — and I’m pretty sure “persecuted” followed. It was a short two-word title on this website, and since I often ask God to show me titles of what to write, I’m going with that one. He’s often opened doors when I follow his leading.

When I saw the title “Model Persecuted” in my dream and woke up, forcing myself to remember it by repeating it over and over again in my head, I couldn’t help but think of Lauren Scruggs, the pretty model who was injured when she walked into the turning propellers of a plane.

I’ve dreamt of her before I even heard of the event — because the night before her injury occurred, I had a dream about a female Christian leader with the fingers on her left hand cut off. I didn’t even want to write that one down anywhere, because it just seemed so horrible. I don’t like talking about the horrible visions.

When warning dreams become reality…

A book by Lauren Scruggs' parents
A book by Lauren Scruggs' parents
Lo and behold, I woke up the next morning and saw the report about Lauren Scruggs, and how her left hand was amputated in the accident.

Then my friend told me about how she said “Oh no!” when she heard about the incident, and ran and got the book by Lauren’s parents — Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs — called I Do Again: How We Found a Second Chance at Our Marriage–and You Can Too, and their amazing ministry.

Propeller Accident Victim Writing, Seeking Prosthetics:

They were divorced and then reconciled, and went on to help many couples repair their broken marriages as well.

I don’t know why I saw the words “model persecuted” but I do know that as a result of this circumstance, people are seeing how much the family is giving glory to God through such a bad time.

Her family has been updating progress on a blog on Caring Bridge.

“So grateful that God has given us a second chance, so grateful that Lauren is saved. So grateful that she loves the Lord, that she has a firm foundation in Jesus Christ and from that knows that God is using this for a purpose. And knows that there is going to be a greater purpose than she has been experiencing in the last six weeks,” Jeff Scruggs said.


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