Michael Jackson Funeral Opens With ‘Soon and Very Soon We Are Going to See the King’ Andrae Crouch Song…

Michael Jackson Funeral Opens With ‘Soon and Very Soon We Are Going to See the King’ Andrae Crouch Song…

Oh my God.

I’m watching the Michael Jackson funeral and why did they open with Andrae’ Crouch’s “Soon and very soon we are going to see the King”? My hands are raised and singing “Hallelujah…” with them.

Lord love him. Lord be with him.

I sang “Soon and very soon” back in my grade school days at St. Edmunds Parochial School in Chicago back when I listened to Michael Jackson as a girl.

Watch the video of the opening of Michael Jackson’s funeral with “Soon and Very Soon”

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3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Funeral Opens With ‘Soon and Very Soon We Are Going to See the King’ Andrae Crouch Song…”

  1. I think that the reason why it hurts so bad to even think about Michael going to hell is becuase we care for him, because we’ve known him and somehow made him part of our lives, and just like any other person that we admired and care for, if they die, we are shock.
    Another personal reason is because God has put in our hearts compassion for people and it hurts to even think about or contemplate the idea of MJ being in hell, but one thing we know now is that he had the oportunity to accept Jesus as his saviour, we will never know what happened until we go to see the king.
    Let’s keep in perspective though, that for most of us that didn’t know the real guy(MJ) it could be easy to create a false MJ in our heads and admired the entertainer but our God who made him and created him knew who he really was and I am sure in His mercy and His Love he reached out to MJ and knock on his heart door.

    A personal reason why I like Michael is because somehow he looked like somebody that was loving and caring and it’s so hard now days to see people as famous as him being humble and loving and that’s a quality that could be very atractive at least for me, but then the other day I was thinking GOD WAS THE ONE WHO CREATED HIM AND HE PUT THAT SEED IN HIM SO I CAN’T IMAGINE HOW GOD IS, I MEAN HE IS THE ESSENCE OF THAT, HE IS CARING 100% THAT’S WHY HE GAVE EVERYTHING FOR YOU AND FOR ME, THAT’S WHY HE SENT HIS SON TO DIE IN THE CROSS. SO MY PRAYER TODAY IS THAT HE DOES ALLOW US TO UNDERSTAND THAT HE IS GOD AND OUR WORSHIP,TIME,TALENTS,HEART ETC. SHOULD PRAISE HIM AND HONOR ONLY HIM.

  2. Mommyoftwo………….When did you sit at the right hand of God, and intercede for ANYONE. It is sad when we judge people that we do not know. Jesus said to the thief on the cross “Today you shall be with me in paradise”. You, I, nor anyone in this ENTIRE world knew if Michael accepted Christ into his heart. But if he did the second before he took his last breath he is with the KING. Worry about where you are going. And the state of your own soul. Because comments like that……….Baby that was not the Lord speaking, that was old self righteous satan. ALL FALL SHORT…not some but ALL.
    One thing I can say about Mr. Jaksons funeral 31million PLUS heard the mighty name of JESUS on Tuesday. You see after all its not MJ to get the glory….It is GOD ALMIGHTY. And he did, because His sons name was heard all over the world yesteday. Halleluja. Mike did something right. He was an outlet for the name of Jesus to go forth on July 7th 2009. The whole world heard ” In Jesus name” GLORY TO GOD !!! We never know who may come to Christ after watching that memorial. The name of Jesus holds power. It is not about MJ. I loved him and where ever he is, is not our concern. We need to take the time to love and minister to those still here. When you become without sin, then you should judge. But maybe you should look at the “man in the mirror”. God Bless you sister, and I hope that you are not upset at what I just said. Just Think about what you say before you say it.

  3. I am sadly afraid that Michael Jackson has already “seen the King” and there were no hallelujahs at the meeting

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