MckMama Police – MckMama Police Call on Jennifer McKinney’s Husband Hits the Net, But All I Find is Beautiful Writing, Pics and a Soul Who Loves Christ on My Charming Kids Website…

MckMama Police – MckMama Police Call on Jennifer McKinney’s Husband Hits the Net, But All I Find is Beautiful Writing, Pics and a Soul Who Loves Christ on My Charming Kids Website…

Starting yesterday, I began to see searches for McMama Police coming thru Google — which led people to my post about a different blogger who ran a April Rose baby scam, which mentions MckMama (but not the police call Jennifer McKinney admitted she made on her husband) in the comments section from other bloggers.

After I wrote that post, that’s when I first heard about MckMama — AKA Jennifer McKinney — a popular mommy blogger who has incredibly clear and gorgeous pics of her children on her “My Charming Kids” blog, and apparently blogs about her one child’s struggle with health problems whom I’m praying it totally healed of someday soon.

So MckMama Jennifer McKinney Wrote That She Once Called the Police on Her Husband…

…that’s what I read when I popped over to MckMama’s blog today, and hence the “MckMama Police” searches ensued.

MckMama said the news of her calling the cops on her hubby during an argument (but not physically abusive one) hit the net — and they are relieved the news is out — but I don’t see any other reports of MckMama’s police incident (granted, I don’t click on sites like StanTheCaddy that are scraping Google Trends’ recent search terms dynamically) so I don’t know where the news came out.

But if she’s glad it’s out, I’m glad too.

Why the Hate Against MckMama? MckMama Haters Should Refocus That Energy on Something Good…

I don’t really know why people spend their time hating on Jennifer McKinney — what’s the point? It only gives you more wrinkles.

Focus on love. People calling her a “Jesus freak” won’t get me to their camp. I love Christ, too. I hope I’m pleasing Him.

Yes, I spend time sussing out and writing about scams online like the April Rose blog scam, and the Easy Google Scams — but people who exert precious energies creating hate websites or developing viruses and the like would find that time could be put to a LOT better use for their own careers and families and well-being.

…because a great door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many who oppose me…If anyone does not love the Lord—a curse be on him. Come, O Lord! 1 Corinthians 16

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11 thoughts on “MckMama Police – MckMama Police Call on Jennifer McKinney’s Husband Hits the Net, But All I Find is Beautiful Writing, Pics and a Soul Who Loves Christ on My Charming Kids Website…”

  1. Mckmomma sounds mckcrazy! Sounds like she’s playing the public like a fiddle and raking in the cash. Maybe she’s not crazy after all. Those that fall for her antics are the nuts.

  2. I read her blog for awhile too but then things started to not add up. She posted a huge post about the lies going around about her and the fact that she did NOT foreclose on a house yadda yadda ya. She bashed the people spreading the rumors and oh 2-3 months ago she writes a post about their previous struggles and what does she write–that they had a house get foreclosed on! SHE wrote both posts. She lost my support at that point. How do you ever know when to trust her now? I certainly don’t.

  3. MckMama is only in this for the money. She should be ashamed of herself. Just a few months ago she was crying she had no money and then she moves into a hugh home… BALOGNA.. Those poor kids! PHONY.

  4. She is getting all twisted in her lies. It’s obvious she can’t keep them straight anymore. If their previous, gorgeous, lakeside home got foreclosed on, why do they still have belongings there? And how in the world is someone, financially struggling, able to turn around & purchase another gorgeous (!!!) home while one is in foreclosure? She is getting trapped in her lies. Her husband is unemployed, they bought a beautiful home, she paid to have her house painted (assuming this one – the entire house got painted literally almost overnight…?) & now she’s hired a nanny. They eat out non-stop, they took a full 7 day vacation including flights for 6, blah, blah, blah. Something is just not right. Unless she has a giveaway, I have noticed her comments are dwindling. I think she is losing readers. And she should.

  5. I would love a couple of links explaining all the “dirt”(sorry I cant think of a better word) on Mckmama. I have been an avid reader for over a year now and do enjoy her posts. To be honest at first I was kinda annoyed because it seemed her family was just about perfect and I’ll admit I was almost jealous. Now, to hear that her life is not the perfection she describes kinda has me curious despite knowing well that its none of my business. Give me some info, post a link to that foreclosed house, because at least for now, I am still a believer and no matter what I will always pray for precious Stellan.

  6. Melissa,
    On October 4th the MLS lisitng was still showing the lake home for sale, and in foreclosure.

    I doubt it’s no longer NOT UP TO DATE.

  7. Big Problem with her blog…she is not truthful. Her home that (in her own words), she claimed to sell prior to going into foreclosure is a lie!! Her home DID go into forclosure, is still in forclosure, and is still currently for sale. What bothers me is how are they now living (which they bought — her statement) a brand new house. A beautiful brand new house. How is that possible? We too are struggling to pay our bills…but our mortgage always comes first. Its very irrating to come across this as our economy is hurting so much from people doing this. It also greatly hurts the value of the homes around you. And then to see that a vacation was just taken and a cruise is planned in the near future. But in her own words she posted a recent blog where she claims that they did this great thing and sold the house when they could no longer make the payments. Thats not what the MSL listing in MN is showing. Still for sale and under “foreclosed homes”. Its upsetting as I have spent much time reading and keeping up with her blogs — almost daily. Respected her greatly for opening up her life and being so honest with her readers. Even prayed so deeply for Stellan when he was recently in trouble with his health. But I am feeling different. So much has come out lately with the police calls, burnt down home (odd), and now this. You cant help to wonder whats real and whats not?? I certainly understand things need to be kept private…but if choose to blog about it, be truthful. Dont lie just to save your image. You would touch so many more people if you had just been honest. We are all struggling during these difficult times.

  8. I am friend with Jennifer’s sister – she is absolutely not exploiting those kids and if you are not a fan of her blog then it is simple – DO NOT READ IT.

  9. Wow. I don’t know what to think. I can’t pretend that I’m some perfect person who has no faults — and I was thinking about this MckMama post a lot last night.

    I have sympathy for her son with an enlarged heart; that symptom hits close to home, and God healed my husband from the very same diagnosis this year.

    I understand MckMama’s need to express what she’s going thru — writing is very cathartic.

    Count me in the MckMama camp; I’m praying she’s okay, her family’s okay and that the blogs will just draw more people to Christ.

    That’s all I can hope.

  10. If you search the MN court documents you will see that MckMama’s “Prince Charming” has TWO Domestic ASSAULT charges in July and August of 2008. The Disorderly Conduct charges were dismissed and he plead GUILTY to the ASSAULT charges.

    And I think the reason why many people are pissed off about MckMama is because she is exploiting her sick child for financial and personal gain. She tweets play-by-play of the moments where she claims her son may be dying. What kind of mother stops to post a picture of the nurses putting a heart-stopping drug into his IV while he is in the middle of a medical crisis? A bad one.

    There have been many hospitalizations for her Many Small Children. Many people are concerned that she suffers from Munchausen by Proxy considering how much attention she brings in due to the medical dramas that her son has had to indure. No one who know MckMama was until Stellan. Now she’s “famous” and enjoying all the financial and personal gains. It’s wrong.

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