Make fast money online: How I made $11,660.32 in the first 4 months of 2011

That's me doing the media team stuff at church on New Year's Eve

According to my last income update, I brought in $9,818.77 from January through March 2011, so that means I’ve taken in $1,841.55 in April 2011 — and I’m grateful for every penny, and pray it increases.

Sometimes you get desperate to make money online, and make it fast.

According to SEO Book, over 213,000 searches come into search engines daily about money, with terms like these being a good chunk of the searches:

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make money from home
how to make money online
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People even search for “prayers for money”…

…and I can understand part of the desperation. Though what is fast money-making for me (money that I can work for this month and see coming into my bank accounts next month) is not necessarily everyone’s ideas of fast money.

But for those who have a penchant for writing and creating websites, some of the places I make money from below may help you get an idea of how I earn money online — and forthcoming articles will give you more ideas as well. Take note, I’ve been online since 2005, and have fooled around in this online business for some years, which is not to say you should despair if you’re just beginning.

I just like to set the expectation of the time it can take. I haven’t checked into a lot of online survey-taking and other places that promise quick “Check into Cash” type of stuff — but I have been working on methods of writing to make money online that may be very useful to you.

Desperate for cash?

That’s how I felt as tax time approached this year.

I’d kind of ignored my husband’s wise words to “save, save, save” all during 2010 in order to have enough to pay Uncle Sam come 4/15/2011 — God knows this writing online business is a volatile and blessed one.

After all, Christmas is usually the bonus time for online marketers like me.

Screenshot of my 2009 and 2010 PayPal account payments from, known as the Clarity Digital Group, LLC

In 2009, Tiger Woods crashed his car around Thanksgiving-time, and those November and December earnings flowed nicely into the first part of 2010.

Some time around there, Joe Wilson screamed out “You lie!” to President Obama.

Ca-ching for me due to my Examiner articles written around the topic.

So well before April 15, 2010 — I was able to write the IRS a nice check for $9,547.00 in federal taxes owed and $1,807.00 in state taxes owed off my 2009 income.

But something happened around the December 2010 Christmas sales — I still don’t know if it’s the economy that caused people to shop less, or my paranoid feelings that someone was stealing my affiliate sales by stuffing their cookies in my customers’ links — but I just didn’t experience the normal influx of cash that most of us online people come to expect as a result of year-end sales.

And then the Google Panda update came a-hunting on February 23, 2011…

…on top of whatever happened to Christmas sales.

Google made an update to their search-ranking formulas that I heard had some people in tears — and others leaving the online sales and writing business altogether.

Let’s see how it affected me when we take a look at my income numbers from January – April 2011:


Looking at these 2011 income totals below, you can see they are lower than the $3,764.31 months $5,389.95 months or $6,149.91 months I received from them in 2010 that I show in my YouTube video about Examiner payments that shows my PayPal totals that I uploaded back on June 10, 2010.

But at least it is possible to still make money from them.

1/20/2011 Clarity Digital Group, LLC 1,530.39
2/18/2011 Clarity Digital Group, LLC 1,946.98
3/18/2011 Clarity Digital Group, LLC 1,699.48
4/20/2011 Clarity Digital Group, LLC 743.64

That $743.64 that I took in in April 2011 might be the lowest payment I’ve ever gotten from Examiner.

You can see that Google Panda in effect in those payment numbers — especially since the update happened toward the end of February 2011.

Therefore, in March 2011, I took the time to take a bit of a break from all the Examiner writing, and that’s one reason my April payment from Examiner is so low.

But the monies I take in that are coming in May 2011 (reflective of my April 2011 pageviews) should be more than what I took in in April. At least around $1,000 or more — depending on how many people applied and got into to write via my affiliate links peppered all over the Internet.

Apply to write for


My Amazon Associates payments were inadvertently affected by Google’s Panda update as well. After all, I write about things on Examiner that sometimes contain my Amazon affiliate links, so less traffic on Examiner means less affiliate link clicking.

But I also pitch a lot of Amazon products on my other blogs, too, especially now so since I’m increasing the avenues of revenue — a lesson well learned from Google’s Panda.

01/27/2011 AMAZON SERVICES Misc. Paym $1,144.06
02/25/2011 AMAZON SERVICES Misc. Paym $705.51
03/28/2011 AMAZON SERVICES Misc. Paym $768.81
04/25/2011 AMAZON SERVICES Misc. Paym $391.68

Basically, it runs the gamut of stuff that people buy, but I tell you what — it is interesting to see them buying stuff from my site about new male shapewear or another new website helping people find what they want to buy online.


My Google Adsense payments are chugging along, and I really expect them to increase more — and they are, especially since I wrapped my Google ads inside my blog posts.

Here are more tips to increase your Google Adsense income and get it at least to the 30 bucks a day I’m seeing and much more.

One thing I also changed was to put an image Adsense leaderboard ad in the header of a couple of my website in lieu of a header image.

I’m telling you, I was desperate to pay the IRS. Thank God that AMEX let me pay off what I owe them over time — because I put $2,139 worth of state taxes I owed on my American Express card via Official Payments, and I was freaking out over how to pay it off in full like I’ve been blessed to do each month. The Lord made a way through good credit to pay it over time.

So I expect these Adsense earnings to grow to over $1,000 per month in May 2011, and back to the more than $5,000 per month that I’ve enjoyed before in Adsense income as the sites mature and get better pageviews.

01/25/2011 GOOGLE ADSENSE REVENUE $526.58
02/25/2011 GOOGLE ADSENSE REVENUE $452.37
03/25/2011 GOOGLE ADSENSE REVENUE $364.18
04/27/2011 GOOGLE ADSENSE REVENUE $522.23

Yahoo! Contributor Network TOTAL: $447.27

Join the Yahoo! Contributor NetworkHere’s another website whose pageviews were negatively affected by the Google Panda update, at least according to my totals and pageviews and income:

1/12/2011 Yahoo! Contributor Network 128.26
2/8/2011 Yahoo! Contributor Network 124.59
3/9/2011 Yahoo! Contributor Network 121.73
4/13/2011 Yahoo! Contributor Network 72.69

Granted, I rarely write for them anymore — my most prominent lately was Why I Became a Christian.

But you can see how articles that I’d written long ago for Associated Content — as they were called when I first joined them in 2006, before they were bought by Yahoo — and hadn’t touched in ages lost some ranking.

Money received in April 2011 (which represents the full month of March pageviews after the Panda update) is nearly half of that from the previous months.


I serious love how Kontera Community Managers like David Stein are on top of the reputation management of Kontera, and responsive to their users.

They must have a Google Alert set up on their names and other search terms, because whenever I write about them, I get nice comments and helpful tips.

That’s one of the reasons I didn’t abandon Kontera for InfoLinks, or other in-line contextual ad companies. I’ve read mixed reviews about the InfoLinks payments — and even though I was suprised at the low eCPM of Kontera around 1 or 2 bucks as compared to my Adsense eCPM of around $7 or much more sometimes, I still decided not to change.

Here are those numbers:
02/02/2011 KONTERA PAYMENTS $97.43
04/04/2011 KONTERA PAYMENTS $107.06

And at least Kontera raised their payout minimum to $50 — that helps when every dollar counts.

These last three I’m lumping all together…

…because I don’t want to break them out.

I seriously hope I can increase my Commission Junction earnings. I want to learn more about API and automated ways of pulling their advertisers’ feeds. I’ve got one from ULTA Beauty sitting in my email that I want to figure out, and hopefully increase these numbers:


LinkShare Money Mania - Do Not Delete- 01/24/2011 LINKSHARE CORP $3.81
02/07/2011 LINKSHARE CORP $39.38
02/28/2011 LINKSHARE CORP $2.90

The thing about some Linkshare and advertisers is that you’ve got to jump through hoops to get approved to some places — and even if you set up an account showing them a site you write for that gets more that 500,000 pageviews monthly — they still reject you! What’s up with that?

Anyway, here are my eBay partnet network payments and Text Link Ads stuff to round off the list:

03/25/2011 eBay Partnr Net PAYMENTS $25.22

1/1/2011 Text Link Ads, Inc 4.25
2/1/2011 Text Link Ads, Inc 4.25
3/1/2011 Text Link Ads, Inc 4.25
4/1/2011 Text Link Ads, Inc 4.25


I'm using my new iPad 2 to make videos and fill up a new YouTube channel that will make it into the YouTube Partner Program and get paid

So there you go, stayed tuned for more updates and details on how to increase your numbers. And as always, leave me your online money making tips in the comments section.

My next money-making moves include a lot of what I’ve already been doing recently: setting up new niche websites and spreading out the wealth across more web hosting companies, continuing to learn from the people I profile on 50 over $50K, and not depending on one place so much for a source of income.

To that end, I’m also using my lovely new iPad 2 my husband bought me to fill up a new YouTube channel called iPad2video that will prayerfully make it into the YouTube Partner Program, so I can see some actual numbers start to fill up those “YouTube” and “Adsense for Content Host” Partner Program fields in the Adsense accounts.

Adsense for Content Host and YouTube earnings that will surely increase

If you like iPad 2 videos, or watching me talk and dance around, please subscribe:

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  6. I really appreciate this blog and how you are helping people learn how to make money on the internet. I am a new freelance writer and I am still finding out ways to make a few bucks online. Thanks again, I hope to see your continued success on the web.

  7. Paula, that’s really inspirational! I’m a struggling chiropractor in Darwin (Australia) and I totally love writing … do you think anyone can earn extra cash writing about what they love (for me it’s chiropractic and healthcare in general), or do you have to follow some formulas and only write about “hot topics” or something?? Thanks :)

  8. As i don’t have a clue how a number of articles and reviews one craft for your kids, though I’m speculating it’s plenty. Sorry to say, generally if the compensate will reduce, I’m speculating that won’t inspire many of us to alot more so to provide you with alot more classic reporting.

  9. You can do it, Aurora, you can do it!

    Thanks for commenting, though, your words are also inspiring to me.

  10. This is really inspiring. A lot of people have become desperate to earn especially after the big meltdown in the US last 2008. I for one have tried doing online jobs but I didn’t earn as much as you did, Paula. I wish I could be as aggressive as you are. I only did a couple of odd jobs online but never did I think of this. Your niche website about Spanx for men is really nice! I didn’t know some men could be that vain to think of using Spanx or anything to hide their flabby tummy for that matter. LOL Congratulations on your online success!

    Aurora Mesner
    Lehigh Valley Small Business Accountants

    Aurora Mesner
    Lehigh Valley Small Business Accountants

  11. You’ve got that right…I hear a lot of teachers complaining that students are too distracted by Facebook, text messages and other things instead just doing the task at hand. They can’t focus. Anyone who plans to make money at freelance writing today had better be able to focus, think and type quickly.

    Thanks for the links!

  12. Thanks for reading, Terry.

    Yes, thank God I’m a pretty fast typist and thinker and have a lot of techie skills that help me upload pics and tag them fast — I believe quantity with as much quality as possible is the name of the game when writing SEO’d news stories.

    If you check out the post I wrote about Lisa Irby, the woman who runs and other niche sites, and download her free ebook about creating a website, she goes into a lot of general niche website stuff.

    Some of my niche websites right now are Spanx for men and the TV Shows, Online TV websites, to give you a literal idea of how I run and create websites around a specific topic that have my Amazon Associates links in them. Those will help you see how I pitch affiliate products, or just run Adsense ads on websites.

    Have fun creating your own — and let me know how it goes.

    Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income may be another great source for you.

  13. Paula, I appreciate your candor about I’ve long viewed you as a source of inspiration and I’m sorry the numbers have slid. It’s very disappointing to see. You are clearly the poster child for success in writing online and especially with examiner. You found a way to do it and make money off of something where many others have tried and failed.

    The irony of all of it is that the reason such sites have suffered is due to a lot of re-constituted content, or commentary on existing news stories. I don’t know how many articles you write for them, but I’m guessing it’s a lot. Unfortunately, if the pay decreases, I’m guessing that will not inspire many people to write more and to offer more original reporting. It can take several hours to put together one entirely original news story or feature story.

    Still, $1,500 to $2,000 a month isn’t a horrible piece of change. I guess it depends on how fast someone is and the number of hours being put in. I’m betting you have a system down pat that allows you to work very efficiently.

    I like your idea of branching out more into affiliate marketing. I have no idea how to set up such a program or how it works. Can you direct me to some of your blog articles or other sites that explain this? I plead total ignorance on that one!

    I admire what you’ve done and wish you continued success.

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