How to Make Money Writing Online from Home, Part 2

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In case you missed part 1 of “How to Make Money Online Writing from Home,” read that first.

If not, please continue to read about all the places that pay me to write online…

#5 – Commission Junction

Commission Junction — also known as — is a cool place where you can apply to various companies like Groupon and Best Buy and get special links to recommend products and services to your readers.

In 2009, paid me $673.13 — back then I remember the Apple Store had a referral program, but they got rid of it.

In 2010, paid me $438.94, which was still mostly residual sales left over from Apple that I had to request a payout for once I realized I didn’t get all I was due.

In 2011, I made $409.29 through by mostly recommending Groupon deals and such through my Examiner articles.

(See how I do that through my articles and others…)

#6 – Kontera

Kontera is an in-line contextual ad place that places ads within the text of your articles, and underlines them just like links so that when you hover over them, you see ads that readers may click on.

In 2009, Kontera paid me $2,271.43 — and in 2010, Kontera paid me $1,107.35 — but then I saw an ad I didn’t like, and I removed them.

Kontera actually called me with their concerns about the issue, and promised to work with me to get rid of ads I didn’t like, so I put their code back on some of my sites, and in 2011, Kontera paid me $697.38.

I like that they pay me direct deposit straight into my checking account on the months that I make it over their minimum payout.

#7 – Izea – Social Spark

I’m really loving Izea’s Social Spark lately.

Not only did I make $265 in 2011 from them (there’s more on the way for 2012, that’s how I got the $415 payout number here) but I got a wonderful vacation to Kalahari Resorts Waterpark through their Social Spark entity.

Izea used to be named PayPerPost, and if I would search my blogger archives, I know I’d find $25 here and $15 there that I used to get paid for posting various things.

But now that they’ve evolved, and so has this blog, which they’ve made a notable blog many times, I’ve been getting better offers to write about a particular product, like about Slim Fast or Parker Pens and other stuff.

I love swag!

#8 – Linkshare

Linkshare is another affiliate network similar to, where you can apply to advertisers like iTunes and WalMart to shill their products online. (But we can disclose our relationships like I’m doing now!)

In 2009, I made $1,022.70 from Linkshare, probably from selling WalMart and iTunes stuff, but I really should research how I made that much from them back then.

In 2010, my Linkshare earnings were down to $58.72 — probably because I didn’t concentrate on making money through their advertisers, perhaps.

Same deal for 2011, when I brought home $52.14 from Linkshare.

#9 – Legal Zoom Referrals

I wrote about Legal Zoom complaints back in 2007, and that blog post got so many views that I said:

Why don’t I just throw their affiliate link in the article?

I did, and in 2011 they sent me $134.25 for services like divorce preparations and incorporations and whatever people bought from Legal Zoom through my links therein.

#10 – The Company Corporation

When I incorporated my writing business into an LLC, The Company Corporation helped me with that process.

I saw they had an affiliate program, so I joined, and anybody who goes through my link to get a service done through them helps make me and their company money.

So in 2011, I saw that The Company Corporation made me $40 — I love getting those unexpected checks in the mail.

#11 – Infolinks

Just like Kontera, Infolinks is a company that provides you with code to put on your websites that will display in-line contextual advertising that looks like links.

I thought I’d give them a shot when I took my Kontera ads down — but then eBay Partner Network

I see I made a whopping $3.07 with the eBay Partner Network back in 2009.

In 2010, my eBay Partner Network pay surged to $222.22, partially because I began writing more about interesting stuff on eBay and then trying to pull their rss feed into a Twitter account, which they said no to originally.

In 2011, I only took home $62.59 from the eBay Partner Network, which isn’t much, considering how much I plop those eBay links in my articles and other places online.

This really is a good thing — I mean, everything adds up to something and I like having my eggs in different baskets, but doing an annual review of my earnings like this shows me what’s really worth the effort and what’s not. But I don’t like to give up hope on some places, because I still believe if I do things a different way, I can earn more money.

For example, I should look a lot more into the API (application programming interface) that many places like the eBay Partner Network provide to help developers access more of their huge databases in a more automated way.

#12 – Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads is a place where people can buy text link ads to run on specific websites. They were controversial because people thought Google would ding you for buying links like that. Who knows…you hear stuff all the time, but I know Google does frown on paid links, people just try and find their way around the Big G knowing about it.

In 2009, I see that Text Link Ads, Inc paid me $676.04 from people buying links on my sites.

In 2010, Text Link Ads, Inc paid me $129.06 for the links that people bought to display on my websites.

But during 2011, the last person who was buying a monthly link on my site stopped in August, so my income from them was $36.54.

I really don’t mind letting them go — of course, if people want to buy links, that’s fine with me! — because you have to approve the links, and then when I used the WordPress plugin, there always seemed to be some errors sometimes where I couldn’t see the links, etc. They were fine on my Blogger blog, however, I just didn’t accept all the links people wanted to buy that looked spammy.

I see Blogger’s Passion still makes around 40 bucks per month or whatever that screenshot says — love bloggers who report their income online! — so don’t give up on one place just because one blogger is ready to give up on it.

To wrap it all up…try a bunch of different places to make money writing online…

Well, those are just about most of the places online that have paid me to write over the past few years.

If you look through some of the links I provided, you might notice one offs here and there that I didn’t mention, like the check from WSPC Enterprises for $33.95 that I got in 2011 that made me wonder:

Who is this paying me?

I love when that happens.

Turns out it was commission from Wanda and Paula from some people buying their Amazonian Profits ebook.

It helps to join lots of different affiliate programs and try your best to get in and write about various products and services, because you never know who might end up sending you a check or direct deposit monies in your checking or PayPal accounts.

All in all, writing online might not be an easy or superfast way to make money from home, but I love writing — and to be able to earn a living from doing it is a Godsend. Hopefully for you, too.

Leave me comments below about all the ways you make money writing online!

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  1. Wow, cool, thanks. Sometimes you know how you’re writing and you wondering if anyone is reading? Well, comments like yours help to inspire me.

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