George Sodini Blog Website – Here’s George Sodini Blog Website and LA Fitness Gym Shooter’s Online Diary Web Page: ‘The Black Man’ Obama and Gun Show Stuff…

George Sodinis Websites and Blog Reveal a Man Who Liked Guns and Was Probably Racist
George Sodini's Websites and Blog Reveal a Man Who Liked Guns and Was Probably Racist

George Sodini Blog Website – Here’s George Sodini Blog Website and LA Fitness Gym Shooter’s Online Diary Web Page: ‘The Black Man’ Obama and Gun Show Stuff…

When I heard about George Sodini going into that LA Fitness and killing those women in an aerobics class, I couldn’t help but ask why. Now George Sodini’s blog, or George Sodini’s blogs, I should write, give us an inkling into the psychotic man he’s now deemed to be.

True Crime Reports leads us George Sodini’s blog rantings now immortalized for the whole web world to read, just like Sodini was hoping for:

Read George Sodini’s Website Blog Page Online Rantings:

George Sodini’s Blog and Websites Also Reveal a Man Who Liked Gun Shows…

…as found by Gawker, who came up with this photo from back in like 2004 from one of George Sodini’s blogs (either — how appropriate — or, both of which I can’t get to right now…not even the cache of them.

CLICK THE PICTURE TO ENLARGE AND READ George Sodini’s blog post about a gun show:

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11 thoughts on “George Sodini Blog Website – Here’s George Sodini Blog Website and LA Fitness Gym Shooter’s Online Diary Web Page: ‘The Black Man’ Obama and Gun Show Stuff…”

  1. hes a real silly goose huh? i think it was mean that he did that to those people. women working out shouldnt get shot…unless they have supper cold or talk when a man is speaking, but even then, an open hand slap would probably suffice. he shouldve just gone to a prostitute. he wasted too much too much time blogging. a real tragedy; thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who got shot…thank god it wasnt me.

  2. Ive read the whole thing. Three troubling problems; 1) he seems to want a relationship but with someone who is not a “ho”; which is a strange way to refer to women for someone who hasnt had many bad or good relationships – so does the term come from cultural inference?2) He’s perfectly functional, but unable to try even a dating service which is plain weird for a computer programmer, makes no sense, no self esteem and stuck in a very, very youthful, neurosis, sophomoric almost; just cant move forward; 3) the shooting, and shutting the lights off makes no sense, its not angry, its childish, also its not against anyone, particular; just girls at the gym, he doesnt even hit on women, or go to bars or prostitutes, doesnt mention porn (but maybe thats an issue; this is a very strange, very strange guy because hes not obviously dysfunctional and the act does nothing; he seems to die from lonileness and maybe the reaching out is the shooting so that he can “meet” people. but hed have to know hed be more hated; who is he mad at if he s mad at himself??

  3. I actually feel sorry for this guy…

    I certainly don’t condone what he did but I can understand why he carried it out.

    My heartfelt condolences to the victims and their families.

    George Sodini, hopefully you’ve now found the peace that had eluded you your entire life…

  4. Does anyone find it strange that all these lone gunmen keep popping up that are pro liberties mainly gun rights? More ammo for the government to take our ammo.

  5. I think that the Church in America needs to return to the Scripture and not doctrines and theologies, especiually Liberation theology which is mostly East African Socialism. I am from East Africa and know what I am talking about. Sodini is yet another example of devilish teachings gendering anger and bondage to the murderous ways of satan. We are beginning to see the godlessness of hate and reverse racism such is encouraged in hating America contrary to the biblical commandment for GOD’s people to bless their nations. Example: Blessed is a nation whose GOD is the LORD as opposed to “GOD bless America, no no no no, GOD Blank America” as Rev Wright proclaims. Such a hetrade of one’s nation endangers the citizens of one’s nation. It is terrorism just as Sodini terrorism. Think.

  6. Miskit, if anyone is bonkers and the devil has him or her cold, he or she cannot turn things around. And yes, Justin, there is anti-Christian messages being rapidly propagated in the media, yet Sodini’s problem was not the dedia, it was the local church he attended for 13 years, where sinful living was not biblically addressed by his pastor. As for you sue, you are partly right. People do things according to the kind of nature ruling in their being, either sin nature of the old Adam in Eden, or righteousness nature of the new Adam on the cross. Mankind needs the knowledge of Jesus Christ the way the Scripture has said and not how some of these pastors teach. Salvation is manifested in good works and the church that teach any less that that has contributed to the human problem, blaphaming the Name of the Lord.

  7. why do people have to turn everything in to a religion thing, can the man not just be f@#king crazy! i am so tired of people trying to blame things on religiion, heritage, color, sex. get a clue people do things because they want to, not because “the devil made them” or because “he’s a man” or because they are black. some people are just stupid, ignorant humans!!!

  8. George was not a Christian. He spoke with disdain for Christianity and Christians throughout his blog. Read it, don’t just by the anti-Christian message being rapidly propagated in the media.

  9. dude was absolutely bonkers. the devil had him cold. he had many oppurtunities to turn it around. i wonder why he chose not to do so?

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