Devin C. SCAM: Single Mom Makes $7487/Mo Without Selling Anything

So I’ve been getting the emails from “Devin C.” of, and they are pretty annoying.

Ready for your $604? And other such subject lines were just too much crap.

I get lots of emails from various Internet Marketers, and I know some of them push it — but to see this “Devin C” actually promoting the News Daily 7 – Work at Home scam was just too much.

I unsubscribed — I don’t remember subscribing in the first place — because I know this whole fake looking news story website is the same method used to create and sell scams like they did last year and before that, where they used to claim their “kits” only cost $1.99 or whatever, and then once they get the person’s credit or debit card, they’d charge $59.99 per month or some cases more or less.

The person didn’t realize in the fine and hidden print that they were signing up for some monthly fake service that didn’t really teach them anything about making money online.

Believe me, if there really were some easy way a “Single Mom Makes $7487/Mo Without Selling Anything” online, I’d know about it. I’ve been online since 2005, and making money online since 2006.

9 thoughts on “Devin C. SCAM: Single Mom Makes $7487/Mo Without Selling Anything”

  1. Wow, Phil, I’m sorry to hear that. I never signed up for anything, so I’m not sure. But do they have an unsubscribe and cancel button?

    I’ve heard these types of scams — oh yes! — I’ve heard that you can get your bank account (or whatever institution you used to sign up, like credit card co?) to possibly try and cancel for you.

    The FTC just caught this other scammer, and I was hoping that it would get rid of a lot of these scams. Let me know if you found out how to cancel — and I hope they don’t charge you anything. Thanks for your comment and take care.

  2. Ok. So quick question. I signed up for this crap, and now don’t want anything to do with it. I’ve sent emails to “devin c” expressing that I want to cancel and not have the $60 be charged to me, after all I never paid for any hosting fees or anything else. Just the initial $3 or $4. When u go to there is a contact us option and when u click on it there is nothing there. No one or number to contact. That’s how I knew this wasn’t legit. How did you you cancel and make sure no money was taken from ur acct?

  3. i keep getting the same emails as Paula did and tiered of it, but i have been looking for a job I could to do online.

  4. I receved emails from and i buy softwear from the PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT ITS A SCAM

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