Chris Hansen Las Vegas Undercover Dateline NBC VIDEO – Watch the whole Las Vegas Chris Hansen Show with Pimps, Counterfeit Money Makers and More Below…

Last night I watched the whole Chris Hansen “Las Vegas Undercover” Datelline NBC show — find the whole Las Vegas show online, the first video below with the link to the rest on it — and it was pretty good.

It’s good to see Chris Hansen back doing his investigative work. And especially cracking down on pimps and car thieves and counterfeiters who wash $5 bills and make them $100 bills. I felt sorry for the mom who said she was beaten from age 3 – 14, then had a baby at 13 by the guy who abused her. She was on drugs and had been in a life of crime for 12 years at least.

Watch the whole Chris Hansen Dateline NBC special about Las Vegas online here:

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