The kid who published 70 Kindle books that made $7,247 in one month — and more Kindle book-selling, work-from-home tips for making money online…

work-from-home-jobs-make-money-online“All righty,” as my dad used to say. First of, if you’re reading this between Thursday, January 9, 2014, and Monday, January 13, 2014, make sure to download my new Kindle book about working from home and making money online finding freelance writing clients on Elance.

Next, I just had to tell you about this 17-year-old “kid” named Thomas Strock who has already published 70 Kindle books, and they earned $7,247.00 for the month of December 2013 — with roughly $600 in royalties earned on Christmas Day alone.

Like many folks, Thomas outsources the writing of his books to other folks. They are some of the kinds of jobs I’ve gotten to make money on Elance that I describe in my book.

More ways to sell more Kindle books…

bigstock-Magic-Book-5034701I’ve learned a lot from following people like Keith Doughtery, who gives away a lot of tips for free outside of his training classes. One of his tips included using naming conventions like so when we’re leading people to our books:

You see how I added those keywords “Work From Home” at the end of the URL? The thinking is that all these different IP address visits landing on Amazon with those search terms would logically make Amazon associate those terms with my book, and rank it higher in their SERPs so that more people will find it and ultimately buy the book.

You don’t have to use “work from home,” but you can use whatever popular search term you’re targeting.

Also, he gave a cool little list of all the places to tell people about our free Kindle books, so see that list of Facebook Groups to join below to tell about your book when you do the free KDP Select promo period.

Following Tom Corson-Knowles’ YouTube videos and books about Kindle sales are also inspiring,


I Like KDP Select Better Than Kindle Countdown Deals

msqfullbodyshotIn between my lovely Elance jobs, I’ve still been able to publish a book or two or three here and there — I think I’ve got about 20 published thus far, under my real name and pen names — and I’ve been afforded the opportunity to play around with the Kindle Countdown Deals feature.

You have to wait one month after your new Kindle book is published to activate the Kindle Countdown Deal, and let’s say your book is $2.99, you can step it down to $1.99 then to $0.99, if you choose, to see if that brings more sales.

It can place your book in a more prominent position, but right now, I like giving away a bunch of them free first with the KDP Select promo — sometimes I’ll run it for 5 days straight like this one — and hopefully, prayerfully garner great reviews and all that activity that helps to bring the book to the top of Amazon’s search engine.

I know there are a bunch of different websites you can tell about your free Kindle book, but to tell you the truth, some of their forms are tedious. Here’s a bunch of them, if you feel like going through the list — keeping in mind that some might be defunct and some require you to have reviews first:


I find it easier to tell these Facebook places about my free books, so use this list as well in hopes that after your book is no longer free, we’ll all make plenty of beaucoup sales:

Join These Facebook Groups and Tell Them About Your Free Book Promos:

Free Kindle Books:

Kindle Bestseller Secrets Group Support:

Book Junkie Promotions:

Ready To Read:


Free Today On Kindle & Beyond:

Books Books And More Books:

Book Lovers:

I Love Books:

Free E-Books:

Books Gone Viral:

Authors Agents And Aspiring Writers:

Aspiring Authors:

Free Today On Amazon:

Passion For Books:


E Books Rock:

Authors Book Review Exchange:

Book Promotions:


Book Place:

Authors Critique:

All About Books:

Authors Reviewers & Book Lovers:

The Book Nest:

Writers Group:

Book Club:

Reviewers Roundup:

Amazon Book Clubs:

Celebrating Authors:

Kids Books (3)

Children’s Books With Good Values:

Children’s Books:

Children’s Ebook Club:

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