Make Money Writing Online: How I Brought Home ~$30K in 2014 in 9 months…

Get money writing
Get money writing

So yeah, that’s me back in the heat of the summertime, walking around a nearby park that we’ve dubbed the “Holy River” to our family.

Instead of blogging, I’ve been a busy little bee writing Lord knows how many words per day, trading these thoughts for money that will continue to pay off my debts. Seeing as though it’s already October and I didn’t know exactly how much money I’d brought in thus far, I knew it was high time to figure it all out.

Therefore, I just downloaded all my Chase Bank account activity and PayPal activity from January 1st to September 30, 2014. That’s how I’ve figured out I’ve brought home $29,845.20 from writing income in the first 9 months of the year, putting me on track to earn at least $40,000 or much more this year.

As you’ll see from the numbers below, the Elance income rules the roost. I gave pretty detailed explanations of how to get started on Elance in this Amazon guide, so if you really want to know more detail about the process, check it out.

How I made nearly $30,000 in 9 months from writing online…

Okay, so here’s the breakdown of who paid what and brief explanations to each.


If you can see links to Amazon products like my book above, you should know that Amazon provides participants in their Amazon Associates program with special links that pay us a cut of any income made when readers click through those links and buy the products.


That Elance book above isn’t the only book I’ve published as an Amazon Kindle book. My author page on Amazon will lead you to others, and I’ve also published books under pen names. In fact, I’ve got a sequel to a book that’s pre-order status right now on Amazon’s Kindle platform that’s due by the early part of November, so I’d better get on task and write more.

It’s cool to see that even folks in Europe have purchased my books. Thanks to you guys across the Pond!

AMAZON FBA SALES Total $986.42

This nearly one grand represents my phase of selling products via Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon project — a project I hesitate to call a failure because at least I learned valuable lessons from the venture. In 2012, I’d purchase various items from Target, Wal-Mart and other stores — like makeup, toys, etc. — and then resell the new items by sending them off to Amazon’s various fulfillment centers across the nation.

It might’ve turned out better if I were more disciplined, but with a brand-spanking new gold American Express card walking around in all those stores each day, I found myself charging lots of groceries and clothes or stuff instead of just the products to resell. Plus, the Amazon fees and pricing competition made it such that we’d have to price our FBA items higher in order to make a profit.

Needless to say, I don’t do the Amazon FBA product selling anymore, and I’ve thrown my effort into paying off that AmEx debt via a whole lot of freelance writing. It feels good to know that most of this income is going towards debt, current living expenses and such — and the stuff I buy is mostly in debit mode these days, not many credit purchases compared to prior years.


Okay, so the United States Kindle book sales have brought in nearly five grand in 9 months, and that’s good to see because when checking the earnings on a monthly level, they don’t always look as encouraging as seeing them on a grander level such as this. If you want a step-by-step process for getting your Kindle book published on your own, check this out.

I’d love to take the time to get more Kindle essays online soon that are even more creative.

COMMISSION JUNCTION Total $66.17 is a site that also gives publishers special links to products and services and pays them a cut of any sales they make. Obviously I haven’t put a lot of effort into that endeavor this year, and that referral income probably represents Groupon deals I’ve promoted via CJ.

ELANCE Total $14,364.40

All righty then, Elance is the biggie this year thus far. I’ve learned a lot about finding good freelance writing clients via the site since I seriously began using it around June of 2013. It’s funny how when I began I took small and cheap jobs just to figure out the whole process, and now more than 15 months later, I’m grateful to see that it’s a great place to find quality clients who want native English writers that are great at article writing.

GOOGLE ADSENSE Total $1,052.13

The kind of ads you see above are Google AdSense ads, and that’s where this type of income comes from.

LINKSHARE Total $17.76

LinkShare is similar to, and I think the only money I’ve earned this year thus far is due to some old Wal-Mart link that someone purchased a product through.


I had a profitable website that I set up back in 2007 or so that was making around $300 per month consistently in AdSense income. In my desperation to pay off AmEx and get a bit of a breather from those nearly $1,000-per-month AutoPay payments, I sold the website on for nearly $4K and it seriously helped.

Clarity Digital Group, LLC Total $1,651.15

Clarity Digital is, and I’ve been writing for them since 2009. They have been through plenty of changes, and I find it interesting to see how the site ebbs and flows in Google’s favor.

Freelance Writing Total $1,953.60

Outside of finding clients on Elance, I’m approached by some clients via other means, and after having an experience this year, I’ve decided to only communicate and work with clients through Elance. It keeps things simpler and more organized and helps to keep the scammers away.

Yahoo! Inc. Total $397.13

This should be the last year I report an Yahoo income – at least the kind that came from Yahoo Voices and such. That writing outlet closed earlier in the year, so it’s true that when one door closes, something much better opens.

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